Sunday, January 27, 2013

And so it starts again.

Day One of a whole new year.

Every picture tells a story don't it. (Rod Stewart, early 60's)

Heres a tale of a young midwife, working in charge of a special care nursery which exists no longer.
With this young midwife is a baby of only a few weeks whose name that young midwife will never forget. His name was *JD* back then and quite possibly by now has a very different name to the one bestowed on him originally, as he was fostered out and eventually adopted.
Back then that young midwife had a whole world of aspirations.
She was married (just) and planned to work in paediatric intensive care and gain a degree or two before settling down to the job of having babies.
*JD* was a little fellow with Down Syndrome who came into her life for a very short while (6 months) and taught that young midwife a lot about acceptance and love and when he left on his journey into the world, took a piece of her heart with him.

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  1. There's no way I'm committing to another 365, just too damn hard, I'm doing 113 in 2013 on Flickr!!
    I shall watch and encourage my very special friend..